Colorbond Fencing Colours

Firm Fencing is the leading fencing contractor in Perth when it comes to colorbond fence installation. Check out our range of colorbond fencing colours and get a quote today. We have also put together a list of what to consider when getting a colorbond fence quote here. We offer a broad selection of premium Colorbond fencing colours in an extensive range of colours. Colorbond steel fencing is not just durable and easy to maintain; it also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your property.

Choosing Your Ideal Colorbond Fencing Colour

We understand that choosing the perfect colour for your Colorbond fence around your property can be a daunting task. That’s why we provide an easy and convenient way for you to verify your preferred hue through our colour charts. With these charts, you can preview the look of our Colorbond fencing colours before making a final decision. We offer a wide range of options, from deep, bold colours to more neutral and subtle tones, giving you the ability to complement or contrast your home’s existing colour scheme perfectly.

Our Colorbond steel fencing is available in an extensive variety of colours. We are proud to offer a selection of Colorbond fencing colours that caters to all styles and tastes. From the rich depth of Woodland Grey to the soft, warm hues of Paperbark and the cool sophistication of Ironstone, we’ve got you covered.

Navy colorbond fence installed in a Perth house.

Our Colorbond Colour Options


Freshness, purity, timelessness, and independence are all attributes that Surfmist® embodies


Evening Haze® is reminiscent of the seashore, desert sand, limestone dunes, arid plains, and inland and coastal dried grasses and Spinifex.


Paperbark® is a warm, neutral colour that is indicated for a variety of applications.


Domain® ‘s warm, rich texture gives any backyard a new, cool vibe.


Shale GreyTM is reminiscent of Gulf coast mud flats, pale grey pebbles reflecting the sun, and a hazy grey mist rising from a surf beach.


Dune® is a soft, light grey that evokes emotions of neutrality and balance.


Riversand® is refined and serene at the same time since it is warm, neutral, and contemporary.


Basalt® is a strong, modern grey with a neutral cast that avoids the green tones that would weaken its effect in ultra-modern designs.


The depth of a cool green forest, the canopy of eucalyptus on a craggy mountain, inspired Woodland Grey®.


Ironstone® has created a new mood for COLORBOND® steel colours, inspired by the purple-grey tones of faraway mountains, stormy sky, and the natural beauty of our coastal regions.


Deep Ocean® is a traditional but appealing colour that evokes the richness and depth of the ocean as well as the enormous blue haze of a faraway mountain range.


Monument® is unapologetically a city hue. It will emphasise the contemporary architecture’s modernism.


The colour and majesty of the Australian gum are reflected in Pale Eucalypt®, a popular option for Australian homes.


The gentle, green tones of a towering stand of rivergums are embodied by Wilderness®


Cottage Green® is a rich, deep green that bridges the gap between traditional and modern living styles.



Solar Absorptance 0.32, NCC Classification Light, Basix Classification Light


Solar Absorptance 0.69, NCC Classification Dark, Basix Classification Medium


Solar Absorptance 0.69, NCC Classification Dark, Basix Classification Medium


Solar Absorptance 0.54, NCC Classification Medium, Basix Classification Medium


Solar Absorptance 0.64, NCC Classification Dark, Basix Classification Medium


Solar Absorptance 0.64, NCC Classification Dark, Basix Classification Medium


Solar Absorptance 0.58, NCC Classification Medium, Basix Classification Medium


Inland and coastal areas are rich with Jasper® inspiration.

Understanding Your Colorbond Colour Tones

Colour tones can greatly impact the visual aesthetic of your home. The warm earthy tone of Paperbark Colorbond or the deep cool tone of Ironstone Colorbond could completely transform the look of your property. Our team of experienced professionals is always available to help guide you through our colour charts and explain the different tones that are available.

Before committing to a particular colour for your Colorbond fence, we highly recommend requesting a sample of the product. By doing so, you can be certain about how the colour appears in different lighting conditions and against your home’s existing facade. Seeing the sample in your own environment can help you make an informed decision about what colour would best suit your property.

Colorbond steel fencing is renowned for its superior durability and aesthetic appeal. These fences are resistant to peeling, chipping, and cracking, making them a long-lasting option. Besides, they are available in an extensive range of Colorbond fence colours, allowing you to choose the best shade for your property. Whether you’re after the calm consistency of Colourbond Ironstone or the timeless appeal of Colourbond Paperbark, we have an option that will work for you.

green Colorbond  wall fence




Popular Specific Colorbond Fencing Colours

Some of our most popular Colorbond fencing colours include Woodland Grey, Colorbond Ironstone, and Colorbond Paperbark. The Woodland Grey has a timeless appeal that complements natural landscapes, while the Ironstone offers a deep, cool tone that is a stunning backdrop for any property. The Paperbark, on the other hand, provides a warm, soft hue that works well with traditional and contemporary homes alike.






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