Retaining Wall Construction & Installation Perth

Limestone Retaining Wall Construction and Twinside Retaining Wall Installation

Firm Fencing provides a wide range of expert retaining wall construction and installation services. If your property has different levels, or part of your garden is lower or higher than the neighbouring land, a durable limestone retaining wall is needed to provide support and prevent the sliding, collapsing or erosion of soil. 

Without a robust structural retaining wall made from premium materials, both the level of your yard and foundational stability is at risk. Firm Fencing’s qualified, licensed experts can advise on the best format for your residential, or commercial property, using durable limestone materials for sturdy results. 

Skilled Limestone Retaining Wall Installation in Perth

A quality retaining wall offers multiple capabilities, preserving surrounding soil while adding aesthetic appeal by integrating seamlessly with the garden landscape. Long-lasting limestone blocks are typically used for load-bearing walls, where crushed limestone mixed with concrete provides effective support.

Firm Fencing supplies a wide range of experienced limestone retaining wall installation services customised to suit client requirements, taking into account key environmental and locational elements to ensure safe and structurally sound wall construction. 

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Types of Limestone Retaining Wall Construction in Perth

Limestone retaining walls are designed to make the most out of your available land space; clearing room while supporting previously sloping sand or soil build-up. The right type of wall construction can transform your outdoor space and create room for garden beds or a swimming pool. 

Whether you require a small retaining wall for low, vertical landscaping or to support a sleeping driveway, Firm Fencing can provide the right format for your tastes and requirements. 

Twinside Retaining Walls Construction

Twinside retaining walls, also known as post and panel, prevent heavy soil from shifting. Using a precast concrete system with steel reinforcement, twinside retaining wall construction is complete with a double-sided pattern.

Dry Stack Wall Construction

Dry stack, or dry stone, walling is an ancient construction technique using only stacked stones with no mortar to create a visually appealing yet robust retaining wall thanks to a wide build and careful stone securement. 

Block Wall Construction

A strong masonry wall is created from large limestone and concrete blocks, resulting in a tough retaining wall capable of supporting large volumes of soil and other materials. 

Segmental Retaining Wall Construction

Segmental limestone retaining wall construction creates a solid vertical front ideal for holding back a heavy slope, using modular blocks interlocked together. 

Mortared Stone Wall Development

Low-maintenance mortared stone walls are durable wet-laid constructions, designed to last for years with an easy-to-clean facade and superior thermal regulation. 

Key Applications

Working with the industry experts at Firm Fencing means accessing superior retaining wall services, customised to compliment your home’s aesthetics while providing the robust support needed. Vital aspects such as land incline and additional weight loads are carefully considered to ensure a powerful, long-lasting retaining wall. 

Working with you each step of the way, the right format and size of limestone retaining walls in Perth are provided whether for landscaping purposes, garden beds, building construction, land subdivisions, or dividing walls. 

Expert Limestone and Twinside Retaining Wall Development in Perth with Firm Fencing

Transform your property with the right form of limestone retaining wall installation from the expert team at Firm Fencing. As a leading supplier of fencing, limestone construction, and twinside retaining wall installation in Perth for many years, the high-quality masonry and craftsmanship ensure impeccable results. Contact us today for a free quote, or any queries.

Twinside Retaining Wall Installation in Perth

For visually-appealing results and a highly durable finish, a twinside retaining wall is an attractive means to retain heavy soil on your residential or commercial property. Also known as panel and post retaining walls, they are created from robust pre-cast concrete blocks supported by steel structures resulting in a highly substantial support system.

The popularity of a twinside retaining wall in Perth is a combination of its tough properties with an ability to withstand severe pressure, and its attractive double-sided patterned look. Ideal for replacing rotten wooden sleepers or as an alternative to heavy natural stone, they require minimal maintenance with long-term savings.

Advantages of a Twinside Retaining Wall

Offering a low environmental footprint with minimal impact on your land or soil, there are many key benefits to a professional twinside retaining wall installation from Firm Fencing. 

  • A modular design saves room and creates space
  • Long-lasting, cost-effective build
  • Resistance to termites and mould
  • Will not fade or warp over time
  • A wide range of finishes and colours
  • Ideal for limited-access locations
  • Manufactured to meet Australian Standards
Skilled Construction of Twinside Retaining Walls in Perth

Firm Fencing is a leading provider of quality twinside retaining wall installation and construction services across Perth. Working only with top-quality materials, a qualified and licensed team provides superior customer service, from initial land assessments and design to a fast, skilful installation process.

Get in touch with Firm fencing today to discuss your twinside retaining wall requirements, or for a free quote. 

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