Protect Your Property with A Timber Fence

Having timber fencing around your property in Perth provides several benefits to the occupants. There are a variety of materials from which to select, however, you have to evaluate your specific requirements to determine if pine lap fencing is suitable for you. If you’re unsure, the team at Firm Fencing can advise you accordingly.

The Benefits of a Wood Fence from Firm Fencing

Fences alone hold several benefits for a property. They offer privacy, security and clearly mark where your property starts and ends. Apart from the basic functional benefits, wooden fences are advantageous based on its material.

  • When you’re thinking of adding a fence to your property, you may not have the available budget to opt for expensive materials. Wooden fences are extremely cost-effective as the initial cost for material is low. Furthermore, maintenance is straightforward and affordable.
  • If the wooden fence is maintained correctly, it can last for years. In comparison to other material, wood can better resist impact. Using care products such as sealants and wood treatment liquids enhance the sturdiness of the wood, thus providing you with more years of service.
  • Wooden fences aren’t limited in its appearance. You can customise the fence according to your desires. After treating the wood, you can paint it a colour to match your home or the neighbourhood. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about the environment, wood is the best option as it can be disposed of quickly and safely.

If you’re a pet owner, a wooden fence is an excellent option as it prevents passers-by from abusing your pet

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Common Mistakes People Make With Pine Timber Fence

A wooden fence is only functional if installed by a professional timber fencing contractor who has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field. However, you must be aware of issues that can occur so that you’re well placed to ask your contractor relevant questions about installing your timber fence.

  • As with anything, the foundation is critical to the success of the installation. People often get their pole placement wrong which inevitably affects the durability of the fence. Timber fence posts should be treated to withstand various elements underground. Preparing the ground for the poles is essential as you need to fit one-third of the pole below the surface for sturdiness.
  • Selecting any type of wood is a huge mistake and can result in your fence collapsing over time. Be wary of the effects the climate has on wood. Some types of wood don’t react well to moisture; therefore, it begins to crumble after being exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Whenever there is a fenced-off area, you require a gate to pass through. Consider the location of the gate in the timber fencing to allow you access to other parts of your yard.

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