Finding the best form of fencing for your home brings multiple advantages. As well as giving your land a clear border to enhance privacy and security, the best types of fencing deliver aesthetic appeal that’s cohesive with its surroundings.

All this makes Perth fences an important part of your home’s market value; buyers prioritise completed properties designed from durable materials and long-lasting designs. Whether that means a white picket fence or stylish Colorbond fencing, it is worthwhile carrying out comprehensive research to clarify the best choice for your taste, needs, and budget.

Learn all the different types of fences available from reputable fencing suppliers like Forkwest, and which format truly delivers on both style and functionality. 

Finding the best Perth fencing for your needs

With so many fencing types available, selecting the best fit for your needs can seem overwhelming. While factors such as colour, materials, and designs differentiate fencing alternatives, the best fit can depend on a home’s location, architectural style, layout, climate, and more. 

Anyone struggling to find the right fencing can get advice from experienced fence builders in Perth, where niche industry knowledge can guide you to a durable and aesthetic choice. From post and panel builds to timber fencing in Perth, the perfect long-lasting design is waiting to be installed at your new construction, home upgrade, or full remodelling project. 

The best types of fencing

To simplify your search for the ideal fence, it can help to determine your key desired outcomes. Whether you’re focused on complete privacy, a stylish design, or affordable installation, qualified fence builders in Perth are on hand to deliver superior service and thorough installations.

Timber fencing in Perth

Anyone searching for a classic look made from natural materials will love the look of timber fencing in Perth. Suitable for both simple styles and more contemporary homes, timber is a safe choice that never goes out of fashion. 

With a wide range of fence designs to choose from – for example, pickets, panels, log, and posts – timber is a versatile, renewable material that brings a cosy element to any home. Those focused on privacy will value a high-built timber fence, but as it is not fire-resistant or termite-resistant it may not be a suitable choice for all Perth fencing and fencing Christchurch.

Steel Colorbond fencing in Perth

Made from impressively durable coated steel, Colorbond fencing in Perth is one of the most popular fencing options on the market – and for good reason! While the wide range of available colour options inspired by the Australian landscape makes it an easy aesthetic choice for many people, a reliable fire-resistant and termite-resistant nature makes it an impressively practical option.

Quality fencing should be a long-term investment, and Colorbond fences deliver on that promise. With minimal maintenance required and an easy-to-clean exterior, the lightweight yet durable build comes with a 10-year warranty.

Brick designs

A brick wall fence has been a staple of residential and commercial properties for aeons. The classic aesthetic and robust materials make it a top choice for many, but a higher price tag (and superior fencing alternatives) have made it less popular in recent times. 

As brick is both fire and weather resistant, similar to concrete fencing in Perth, it is undoubtedly a reliable build. However, the required thickness and cost of materials make it unsuitable for limited spaces or urban properties. 

Concrete fencing in Perth

Opting for a concrete fence may seem like a plain choice, but in cases where a retaining wall is needed to effectively prevent soil erosion, it’s a supremely reliable option. One of the more common forms of concrete fencing in Perth is Post and Panel concrete retaining walls, used to stop soil from shifting from higher levels to lower levels, potentially causing damage and interrupting land boundaries. 

With a surprisingly efficient installation process and cost-effective materials, post and panel retaining fencing use concrete and galvanised steel to reinforce the robust, maintenance-free design. 

Vinyl fences

Ideal for providing weather and wind resistance, vinyl fences are commonly used for gardening, farming, or security purposes. While not the most eco-friendly form of Perth fencing, plastic vinyl is resilient, easy to clean, and available in a range of colours and finishes. 

Chain link fencing

Affordable chain link fences are largely installed at commercial properties, industrial work yards, and construction sites where affordability and easy installation take priority over the aesthetic appeal. While chain link fences are low maintenance, they deliver a specific style not suited to many residential homes.

Steel chain link fences are cost-effective, with a long-lasting design that’s inherently resistant to corrosion. They are effective at keeping pets and small children in (or out!) but the lack of privacy, security, and protection from the elements leaves much to be desired. 

Iron fences

Wrought iron Perth fences are a highly versatile choice, making them the best choice for restoration, conservation, or unique customisation requirements. Suitable for traditional homes where an elegant, classic look is needed, iron fences will not warp but may corrode or rust with time. 

As a more costly material, it’s worth bearing in mind the expense of both custom manufacturing and labour-intensive installation, as well as the regular repainting required over time. 

Aluminium types of fencing

Lighter than iron and therefore more affordable, versatile aluminium is a popular choice with knowledgeable fence builders in Perth. Its malleable nature makes it ideal for both customisation and manufacturing, making top-quality aluminium slat fencing a fantastic long-term investment that’s also sustainable.

With benefits including corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and compatibility with most land types, aluminium fencing provides a classic look at an affordable price. 

Superior Perth fences from the experts at Firm Fencing 

From durable aluminium designs to stylish Colorbond fencing in Perth, the expert at Firm Fencing can provide the perfect fence for your residential or commercial property. As well as superior customisation and installation, our qualified team can help with fencing and asbestos removal, as well as pool fencing, glass balustrading, and retaining wall services. 

It is crucial to remember not to remove asbestos fencing yourself, as improper handling can pose significant health risks; instead, always seek the assistance of a professional asbestos removal service.

Get a free quote today on quality fencing for your property in Perth and the surrounding areas, or get in touch now to discuss any questions or requests.