The job of a pool barrier fence is to guarantee the safety of your family, children and pets at all times, and to ensure there aren’t any avoidable water-related accidents occurring. We want you to have a selection of pool fencing perth  that suit all of the important Western Australian government requirements, whilst also being a feature in your backyard and adding value to your home.

The basics: why install a pool fence?

After seeing an increase in detrimental pool-related accidents, the Australian government has made it mandatory that every body of water deeper than 300mm is surrounded by a safety barrier. This will restrict young, adventurous children from accessing the pool and its surroundings unattended.

There are many necessary requirements that must be adhered to when installing your pool fence. Below are a few of the compulsory features your pool fence must have according to the Western Australian government.

  • The fence must be a permanent structure

  • It must be at least 1.2 metres high as measured from ground height outside of the fence enclosure

  • It must not have any gaps between vertical members of the fence exceeding 100mm

  • The maximum gap between the ground and bottom of the barrier is 100 mm

  • There must be a ‘non-climbable zone’ of at least 900mm in height and radius

  • Gates must be able to close by itself and open away from the pool

  • The gate latch must be 1500 mm above ground and 1400 mm above the highest lower horizontal

These are only a handful of features from a comprehensive list. Please ensure you fully understand all the requirements prior to installing your pool fence.

Pool fence style over safety: which should I prioritise?

When finding the perfect outdoor barrier to suit you and your home, it is great to research your pool fence options and find a material that works well and adds a touch of personal design to your space. However, it is still essential that this fence meets all of the needs of local and state pool fencing requirements to maintain a safe outdoor environment and reduce risks of pool related injuries.

At the end of the day, the job of a pool fence is to create a space for your children to play safely and to reduce any risks of serious injury. When installing a pool fence, you should always prioritise safety first and focus on style afterwards.

What are the popular pool fencing materials?

To suit the style of your home, there are many durable pool fence options that you can choose from to enhance your home’s style and safety such as glass, aluminium, and stainless steel. Before deciding on a material, read up on the benefits of each and see which will work best for your home and family.

Glass pool fence

This style of fencing adds a beautiful, sleek touch to your home, with a feeling of open space through the visibility of the pool. It is considered a very safe material as the smooth surface is difficult for children to climb with less small spaces to hold on to.

Aluminium pool fence

This pool fence option is a great choice as it can be customised to suit your home exactly. When using high quality tubular aluminium pool fencing, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and it holds it’s pure colour for many years to come.

Stainless steel pool fence

This type of pool fencing material has become popular over the years as a high quality feature for your backyard. It can be combined with materials such as timber or glass to create a timeless look. Stainless steel pool fences are easy to maintain and they are designed to withstand the harsh heat of the Australian sun.

Finding pool fencing professionals to install your pool fence

When finding a professional to install your pool fence in Perth, it is important to ensure they have the tools and experience necessary to complete the job to the highest standard. Firm Fencing Perth not only has all of this, but also creates beautiful assets in your home without compromising the importance of your family’s safety. We provide you with multiple pool fence options to choose from so you can customize your outdoor area to suit your style perfectly.

We offer high quality, friendly services making sure you are supported at all stages of the process and receive exactly what you want.

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