If you’re planning to improve the outdoor aesthetics of your residential or commercial property, hiring landscaping contractors is an excellent option. These professionals are responsible for installing and maintaining outdoor plants, as well as other hardscape elements. 

However, finding the right contractor can be a daunting task, with various factors to consider, such as budget, timeline, and project size. It’s crucial to ensure that the contractor has the necessary qualifications, licensing, and insurance. 

This article walks you through the process of hiring a landscaping contractor by outlining some essential steps to follow, and the advantages of selecting a reputable Perth company. 

What services do landscape contractors provide?

When it comes to improving the appearance and functionality of outdoor spaces, professional landscapers offer a wide range of services beyond mowing lawns and planting. If you’re considering hiring a landscape contractor for your residential or commercial property, it’s essential to know what services they provide. 

As well as planting and maintaining gardens, here are some other services you can expect from a professional landscaper:

  • Clearing and grading land
  • Building hardscape elements such as decks, patios, masonry walls, and water features
  • Installing pavers and other hardscape features
  • Managing and installing irrigation systems
  • Adding landscape lighting for safety and ambience
  • Applying pesticides and herbicides to maintain a healthy outdoor environment.

Let’s delve deeper into what to look for when hiring professional commercial landscape contractors and how to ensure that you get the best possible results for your outdoor space.

Finding the best residential and commercial landscape contractors

When hiring a landscaping professional, it’s important to determine whether you need a full-service or maintenance landscape company. The scope of your project should be the basis for narrowing down your selection. 

A full-service landscape company offers design, installation, and maintenance work – with a team of designers, account managers, and a crew to provide everything you need, from hardscape design and construction to plant installation and maintenance services. 

On the other hand, maintenance companies typically provide only lawn services, such as mowing, weed-eating, edging, leaf clean-up, and light shrub pruning. These companies are often operated by sole proprietors. Once you determine what type of service you need, you can more easily find the right company for your project.


When planning for new landscaping at your home or business, it’s important to start with a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Consider your budget, timeline, and goals for the space. Research different styles and designs that suit your tastes and the environment. 

Consider factors such as lighting, irrigation, and maintenance needs. You may also want to consult with a professional landscaper who can provide guidance and expertise. With a clear plan in place, you can start selecting plants, hardscape elements, and other features that will bring your vision to life.


Once you have determined what kind of landscaping services you require, the next step is to research potential contractors. Begin by perusing online reviews from credible sources. The ideal contractor for your project should possess experience working on similar landscape projects and a track record of satisfied clients. 

To further narrow down your list of candidates, ensure that the landscape contractor holds a valid licence and current insurance coverage. This helps to protect you from any liabilities that may arise from accidents or damages during the project. Proper licensure and insurance coverage also demonstrates the contractor’s commitment to professionalism and dedication to their craft.


To narrow down your list of potential landscaping contractors, conducting interviews via email or phone can be an effective way to get more information. Some questions to consider asking, to help you make an informed decision when selecting landscaping contractors, include: 

  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Do they have references from similar projects? 
  • Do they use subcontractors?
  • Can you see pictures of finished projects?
  • Who’s responsible for obtaining the necessary permits?
  • Can they provide drawings of plans?
  • Do they offer care instructions for plants?
  • Is there a warranty for plant material and workmanship? 


Obtaining written estimates from at least three contractors is crucial in selecting the right one for your landscaping project, helping you find quality work that’s also high quality. For installation and hardscape work, a representative from the company should visit your property to take measurements and discuss the types of plants that will work best. 

The estimate should be provided in writing and include the company’s contact information, the total cost including taxes, the project’s scope, a maintenance schedule, plant specifications, terms and conditions, and warranty information. 

While cost is an important factor, it’s also essential to consider the contractor’s experience, ability to meet timelines and budget, and testimonials from previous clients. Using these factors as criteria will help you choose the best landscape contractor for your project.

Key advantages to hiring professional landscape contractors

Opting for expert residential and commercial landscape contractors offers immense benefits, such as their expertise and knowledge in designing and installing outdoor spaces. They can help you select the right plants and hardscapes for your property based on your needs, preferences, and budget. 

With the right skills and experience from knowledgeable teams like Firm Fencing, they can also ensure that the work is completed efficiently and effectively. Professional contractors have access to specialised equipment, which can help them tackle challenging projects safely and quickly. 

Moreover, hiring a contractor can save you time and energy, as they can manage the project from start to finish, leaving you with a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

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