Anyone can put up a basic fence, but adding quality fencing that was designed to last is a great way to increase the value of your property. As well as delivering security and privacy, great fencing in Perth should create the right aesthetics to boost curb appeal and entice potential buyers when the time comes.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or business or have just moved in, there’s no wrong time to improve the properties’ worth and make your investment a worthwhile, lucrative decision. 

With so much competition in today’s property market, a high-functioning and tasteful fence can make all the difference; keep reading to learn how to increase property value with the right fencing.

The many benefits of quality Perth fencing

From improving the overall aesthetics of your home to increasing its ‘sellability’, there are multiple rewarding advantages to installing long-lasting fencing in Perth.

  • Privacy and security – making potential buyers feel secure in their purchase
  • Visual appeal – key to enticing the beauty and worth of any property, the right fence will enhance the properties existing style and match design trends of nearby homes or businesses
  • Durable materials – well-made fencing with quality materials creates enduring results, with premium designs, like Colorbond fencing made from durable coated steel, bringing an impressive ROI on property resale
  • Long-lasting – professional fencing installation can withstand even the toughest of weather conditions, making it a great investment for decades to come
  • Suitability – those with children or pets are more likely to bid on a home with existing fencing and security 
  • A clear border – having a distinct property outline is enticing to many buyers, minimising the risk of land disputes as well as bringing the promise of added security

Which fencing in Perth can add real value?

Selecting the best type of fencing for your property is essential to adding value and increasing that all-important curb appeal.

Colorbond Fencing

Known as a superior fencing solution made from lightweight-yet-durable coated steel, Colorbond Fencing is ideal for the harsh Perth environment thanks to weather, fire, and termite resistance. Available in a wide range of 22 colours curated to suit the natural Australian landscape, you’ll be hard-pushed to find longer-lasting and more visually appealing fencing than Colorbond. 

Panel and Post Fencing

The professional installation of panel and post retaining wall are a secure way to prevent soil erosion should one area of your property be higher or lower than another or if a neighbour’s land is a different height. The combination of galvanised steel and concrete delivers multiple benefits, including durability, preventing flood damage and soil erosion, and a cost-effective and long-lasting design.  

Choose superior fencing in Perth for your property 

An attractive fence does wonders for the overall visual appeal of your home. Firm Fencing supplies a range of highly aesthetic yet functional fencing to suit your property, greatly boosting the curb appeal for years to come while enhancing the security and privacy of your home or business.

For effective custom fencing solutions, including Colorbond and panel and post designs, don’t hesitate to contact Firm Fencing today and discuss any queries or requests you may have.