When you think of an excavator, you probably conjure up an image of that yellow plastic digger toy that your children are obsessed with. While the reality may be (slightly) larger, the details are pretty spot on! 

This sturdy piece of machinery is designed to dig piles of dirt out of the ground with its long, moveable arm and scoop bucket, making heavy-duty earthworks a breeze. Whether you’re working on a construction project at home or on other property, excavator hire can be an immense help for removing large rocks and debris and shifting large quantities of soil and land.

As versatile additions to any earth moving expeditions, it’s worthwhile learning a bit more about excavators, and when the right time is to hire one.

What exactly is an excavator?

Excavators are heavy-duty pieces of machinery used on a variety of construction, landscaping, and mining projects. Made up of a durable bucket, used to carry materials like dirt and debris, attached to a moveable boom or arm, this strong digging tool is controlled from inside a cab that sits atop a rotating house.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and capacities, mini excavator hire is popular for homeowners looking to tackle landscaping, demolition, or construction projects at home or on other personal property. 

When would you hire a mini excavator?

Whether you’re removing soil for a swimming pool or clearing demolished materials for a new build, digger rental can help speed up multiple tasks during residential projects. Common uses include:

  • Clearing soil
  • Flattening land
  • Digging holes, trenches, or ditches
  • Removing tree stumps
  • Demolition of small structures like sheds
  • Sewer line repair
  • Moving heavy objects like boulders
  • Much more!

Do you need a license to drive an excavator?

While excavators can make many intense parts of a construction project safer, by removing the need of physically punishing elements, there remains a level of risk when operating this hefty piece of machinery. Diggers are relatively straightforward to maneuver, and while a special license is not required for excavator hire, it’s highly recommended to obtain basic training similar to operating any form of heavy-duty machinery. 

Be sure to contact the helpful professionals at Firm Fencing with any queries or concerns when working with a hired excavator or digger at home. 

Key considerations before hiring an excavator

Once you have a minimum of basic excavator skills, and have scoured the land in question for any potential hazards or areas of risk, consider the following tips for a safe project with mini excavator hire

  • Wear safety gear such as a hardhat and ear protection
  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Bear in mind key safety protocols for equipment operation
  • Inspect the excavator for any repair or maintenance requirements
  • Call relevant utility companies before starting a dig
  • Check blind spots before each move
  • Never make sudden movements or turns
  • Do not dig with correct support systems, and never dig under the excavator
  • Move directly up slopes, not diagonally
  • Navigate on a flat route whenever possible
  • Never surpass the weight capacity 
  • Drive with the bucket lowered 
  • Lower the bucket when parking, and leave on a flat area

Call on the experts at Firm Fencing for reliable excavation services

Quality digger rental can be a transformative addition to your residential construction or redevelopment project. While managing everything yourself might be tempting, expert help from Firm Fencing with any earthmoving and excavation needs can be just what’s needed to keep a project on track, and safely carry out all essential tasks.

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