A quality retaining wall is a great addition to any garden. Working as both a safe solution to erosion and an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to your home’s design, there are a wide range of retaining wall ideas available to suit any requirement.

Whether you’re looking to hold back soil from a sharp slope in your garden, need added support for raised land next door, or want a retaining wall as part of raised garden beds in your outdoor space, there are plenty of great materials to choose from.

What exactly is a retaining wall? 

Retaining walls are sturdy wall structures used to support two different soil levels on either side. Supported laterally by robust walls, it ensures soil from the higher level does not fall or slide down into the lower level.

Typically utilised between two properties or sections of land with differing soil heights, retaining walls can be an essential for safety reasons as well as preventing soil erosion from one area of a garden to another, which can have a negative impact on a home’s foundation. A firm concrete post and panel retaining wall can also be used to hold back water, and soil.

Typical retaining wall materials

With so many great retaining wall ideas to choose from, it’s important to take your specific requirements into consideration before making a decision. If you’re considering incorporating a fence on top of a retaining wall or integrating a retaining wall with a fence, there are various options to explore. You’ll want to consider the main purpose of your wall, and which material is best suited to your desired look and budget. Working with retaining wall experts is a great way to ensure your new retaining wall with a fence on top is designed properly and correctly built to meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

Timber / Wood

A wooden fence can be an enticing choice when considering retaining wall material options, and while they may have the desired aesthetic appeal there are key stipulations to take into account. Timber is an accessible material but can be subject to rot, making it more suitable for walls under 4 feet tall. Choose wood panels – with proper waterproofing – for a garden retaining wall.


Clay or limestone bricks are strong retaining wall material options that can be incredibly durable when built correctly, making them suitable for a home retaining structure. While the finished look may complement many traditional homes, it’s worth remembering this is a labour intensive option that needs built in drainage systems.


There are multiple retaining wall options for concrete, such as concrete blocks or cast-in place concrete, but the most sturdy choice is post and panel retaining walls. The combination of galvanised steel with concrete makes them a great choice for both home and garden retaining walls, as they won’t erode over time. 

Using a reliable precast method to create accurate concrete forms that encase the tough galvanised steel, post and panel concrete retaining walls are highly effective in preventing soil erosion.

Can’t decide which to choose? Talk to a retaining wall specialist

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