Beautiful landscaping is nothing without suitable long-lasting support. Well-built retaining walls in Perth offer an impressively long period of service, transforming your garden with durable levels and walls that are both functional and aesthetic.

Correct limestone retaining wall construction creates a structure that can last for decades, making it a quality investment that brings value to your property. Read on to discover the benefits and uses of retaining walls, and how to ensure a safe and thorough installation. 

What precisely is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall holds back soil and earth, protecting the lower level from sloped or higher-placed neighbouring ground. Limestone retaining wall installations are often used to prevent erosions and stabilise slanted gardens, where limestone blocks are stacked and bonded with mortar for a highly durable build. 

Another popular approach is twinside retaining wall construction, also known as concrete post and panel retaining walls. This design involves concrete blocks as the base materials with added steel posts for powerful reinforcement. Given their resistance to termites, they’re ideal for a wide range of soil and construction environments. 

Key uses of retaining walls in Perth

The right limestone or twinside retaining wall installation and concrete post and panel retaining walls can transform your property, taking the layout and design to another level while ensuring reliable support and stability for your outdoor spaces. Some of the most common reasons for twine and limestone retaining wall construction include:


A well-built retaining wall improves drainage by preventing water runoff to reach your building’s foundation or flood-risk areas


Retaining walls are typically installed mainly due to a need for support, slope stabilisation, or erosion prevention

Increase living space

Retaining walls in Perth are fantastic for extending the usable space within a garden, creating more flat ground to entertain, socialise, and play. 

Customised designs

One of the main advantages of retaining walls from Firm Fencing is the range of materials, designs, and finishes available to suit any personal taste or landscaping requirements

Boost curb appeal and property value

Stand out from the competition when selling your home with stunning retaining all construction, improving your landscaping in a way that’s appealing to potential buyers

Taking care of your retaining wall before and after construction

If you’re considering expert limestone or twinside retaining wall installation, the first step is making sure the land in question presents a firm enough foundation to ground the new wall. 

Experienced wall and perth fence installers can help professionally evaluate your property and advise on the best course of action, as well as complete custom site preparation.

Once your superior retaining wall has been installed very little maintenance is required. Ensure your drainage system is kept clear, and enjoy your beautiful landscaping!

Durable wall and fence installation with Firm Fencing 

Working with long-standing experts in limestone and twinside retaining wall construction at Firm Fencing means accessing an impressive service from start to finish. 

As well as helping you determine the right retaining wall for your property, budget, and needs, the friendly and professional team carry out a tailored installation process that includes a thorough clean-up and post-installation review.

Get in touch today for a quote for twinside or limestone retaining wall installation, or to discuss Colorbond fencing, asbestos fence removal, and much more.