Ignoring your damaged fence can only work for so long. Whether you can have a few holes or seriously worsening deterioration, the important question is whether to repair or replace your home’s protective fencing. With the past popularity of leading fencing supplier perth of HardieFence in Perth, many homeowners here in WA are left with the question of trying to repair their older fencing from the now-defunct brand or replace it entirely. The following guide outlines how to evaluate your fence’ condition and make a considered choice about the best option for restoring the fence or installing a new fence with an improved style.

What is HardieFence?

HardieFence Fencing is a Perth, Western Australian fencing company that ceased operations in 2022. Created from reinforced cement fibre sheets with aluminium capping, this is a lightly corrugated fence with an interlocking design for added strength.  Known as an adaptable fencing brand suitable for various applications, its ability to resist pests, rot, and fire made it a safe choice for residential properties.

What are the benefits of HardieFence fencing?

There are multiple key advantages to having HardieFence Perth installed at your property. The consistent appearance and matching look on both sides make it a suitable choice for use on any residential street,  Known as a tough product to dent or damage, the tough design of cement and sand makes HardieFence a durable form of fencing, that’s both water and pest resistant. Regular washing helps prevent soil retention, but little additional maintenance is required. 

What should I consider before replacing old fences?

Determining whether to carry out fence repairs or to fully replace your damaged older fence depends on several important factors. While a complete replacement costs more, the cost of ongoing repairs on heavily damaged Hardiefence fencing could end up more expensive. Consider the following:

  • How extensive is the damage?
  • Does the damage affect the privacy and security of your home?
  • Would I benefit from an updated style of fence?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are repair costs for a HardieFence?

What is the best choice for my damaged fencing?

There are several leading choices for anyone looking to upgrade their older HardieFence in Perth, each one suitable for different situations and desired outcomes. So, what is the best choice for your damaged or repair of fencing ?

HardieFence replacement fences

You may be wondering, is Hardiefence still available? While new products are no longer being made, it is possible to source replacement materials and fences to repair an existing HardieFence. While this is a good choice for retaining the same look and style of fencing, it’s worth noting there is a limited supply, making it a potentially expensive choice. 

Hybrid solutions

Anyone with minor damage, or problems only in one area, might consider choosing a hybrid solution to repair their run-down fencing. This involves using different fencing materials and products to replace damaged sections, either as a DIY project or with expert fencing repair professionals. While this may save money in the short term, long-lasting results are not guaranteed.

Replacing with COLORBOND® fencing

Installing a new boundary line with the leading brand Colorbond fencing perth is a reliable option for many, particularly those with dangerously unstable or seriously damaged fencing. Completely replacing fences with Colorbond’s patented steel panels is a long-term investment, with a 10-year warranty and guaranteed resistance to fire, rot, and termites. This aesthetically-pleasing choice comes in a wide range of colours, each bonded to the steel design, fast outstripping its competitors in both popularity and affordability. 

Speak to the experts at Firm Fencing

As the long-standing leader in professional fencing services, from custom designs and installations to thorough repairs and maintenance, Firm Fence are a trusted source of detailed assessments of damaged fencing. Contact us today for honest advice and straightforward expertise, or if you’re wondering if HardieFence is still available and what are the best options for restoring your fencing perth to its former aesthetic appeal and secure protection.