With stunning temperature and (almost) year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder swimming pools have become an integral part of the West Australian lifestyle. Whether your kids love nothing more to splash in the pool, or you enjoy throwing pool parties for your friends, having a sparkling pool in your backyard is truly a dream.

Owning a pool comes with certain responsibilities around health and safety, making it imperative to install a quality pool fence so everyone can enjoy the cool water with security and peace of mind. Read on to learn all the latest pool fencing trends in Perth and how to adhere to WA’s current regulations.

What exactly is a pool fence?

A pool fence is a structure that surrounds a swimming pool, operating as a vital security net to prevent accidents or potentially dangerous incidents from occurring around the open body of water. Residential homes with a pool are required to install protective fencing, to prevent young children, pets, and people who cannot swim from falling in.

Given the rigid legislation around pool fence installation, it’s worthwhile finding an experienced provider of pool fencing in Perth who understands all regulations and how to design an aesthetically pleasing fence made from durable, attractive materials. 

What are the latest pool fencing trends?

Contemporary pool fencing trends focus on combining strength with security:

Metal Pool Fencing

Aluminium or steel boundaries are a classic pool fencing choice that shows no sign of going out of style. The customisable nature and affordable price are complemented by stylish designs, each variation created to fit perfectly into your existing style of decor.

Glass Pool Fencing

An increasingly popular trend is glass fencing, thanks to its slick style and practical features. Being able to see through your fence is perfect for anyone with children, and it also opens up smaller spaces by allowing an unimpeded view of your outdoor space.

Stone Pool Fencing

Natural stone has begun to overshadow brick or wooden pool fencing, with its attractive muted tones and tactile nature making it a pleasing organic addition to any backyard. The various options for colour and texture make it a flexible choice, offering a rustic feel that’s ideal for both classic design styles and sleek contemporary homes.

Adhering to all pool fence requirements

As well as choosing a beautiful style of fencing that works with your existing design decor, it’s imperative to take essential pool fence regulations into consideration. The legislative requirements for owning a private pool vary from state to state – in Western Australia a building permit is required to install a pool, and owners must adhere to the current safety standard AS1926-2012.

While there are multiple components of Australian standards that experienced fence installers will understand and abide by, there are a few key takeaways to bear in mind:

  • Pools must have a fence with a minimum height of 1200mm
  •  All gaps in the fence must be under 100mm
  • The fence has to be constructed from durable materials
  • Self-closing gates must be installed 
  • Gates must open away from the pool, and have pool-side latches

Quality materials for pool fencing in Perth

With a wide range of visually pleasing options available, it’s never been easier to install a stunning fence that acts as both a design focal point and essential safety feature. Leading trends focus on quality structure made from tough-yet-attractive materials, 

Options like aluminium and other metals are both beautiful to look at and long-lasting; its lightweight yet rust-resistant nature makes it perfect for withstanding the elements.

Glass designs are stunning design centrepieces that easily meet all pool fence requirements but can be expensive. While climb-proof and durable, glass fencing can become stained or scratched over time with proper care.

Reliable and stylish pool fencing in WA

Firm Fencing are long standing providers of quality pool fencing in Perth. Operating as leading experts in the professional design, supply, and installation of durable fencing, we guarantee impeccable fences that adhere to all regulations while serving as attractive design features.

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