Adding a gate to your residential property brings many advantages, like peace of mind for your family’s safety. Quality gates offer reliable security and privacy, all while adding aesthetic value to new or existing fencing. 


Whether you’re looking for an automatic driveway gate or chic side entrance colorbond gates in Perth, robust gate designs from Fim Fencing are a fantastic investment. Learn more about residential gates, and how they benefit your home. 

What are residential gates?

All gates on your property’s exterior are considered residential gates in Perth. The installation of gates on residential houses have continued to grow in popularity in recent years, reducing the likelihood of a burglary and increasing the home’s market value. 


Quality residential gates from knowledgeable suppliers boost the curb appeal of your house, adding to its worth while protecting valuable belongings within. 

Types of residential gates in Perth to install

Firm Fencing are leading providers of a wide range of gate formats, suitable for many applications and requirements. Combining durable fencing and gates is possible in multiple avenues, one of the most popular being swinging or sliding driveway gates.


Adding side access gates are a fantastic way to increase your home’ security, with professional installation and durable materials preventing typical security concerns. Each gate is available from perth fencing company in a range of seamless styles and finishes to suit your tastes.

Automatic vs manual security gates for your driveway

Incorporating a quality driveway security gate to your home is an effective security solution. By stopping vehicles and intruders before they even get close to your house, the likelihood of burglary or vandalism is significantly reduced.


While both manual and automatic gates offer impressive privacy, electrical variations prevent exterior access from strangers, and can lead to reduced insurance premiums thanks to increased security. However, there is a high risk of dragging or sticking on the ground over time. 


Manual gates are a reliable, cost-effective option for adding aesthetic appeal, ideal for those with pets or young children by removing the risk of them running onto nearby roads. Sliding options are perfect for anyone with mobility concerns. 

Why choose colorbond gates in Perth

Installing residential gates in Perth with the help of knowledgeable professionals means accessing a customised design that’s cohesive with your home, with expert installation services guaranteeing long-lasting results. 


Firm Fencing offers free quotes for colorbond fencing and gates across Perth, providing a fast turnaround that matches each client’s exact requirements. By offering a wide range of premium Colorbond coatings on top of top-quality BlueScope Steel, your new gate will fit cohesively alongside new or existing fencing. 

The benefits of combining fencing and gates

Opting to install quality colorbond gates in Perth at the same time as new fencing ensures consistent privacy and security. Colorbond products are available in a wide range of stunning natural tones, from cream to green, ideal for adding matching gates and fences simultaneously.


If you decide to make a wise investment in new fencing, it makes fiscal sense to include practical gates in the design. Colorbond gates offer a beautiful-yet-tough weather-resistant coating, ideal for a private driveway entrance or multiple side-access gates. 

Trust Firm Fencing for all your gate and fence needs

As long-standing providers of premium quality fencing and gates across Perth, Firm Fencing Perth are the trusted suppliers you need to increase security, privacy, and curb appeal at your home or business.

Contact Firm Fencing today to discuss your gate and fencing needs, or for a free quote.