Contemporary fencing has developed far beyond the standard picket fence or brick wall. Today’s homeowners looking for a clean, modern design are increasingly opting for aluminium slat fencing, with its minimal design and sleek aesthetic perfect for Perth’s welcoming neighbourhoods.

As well as presenting a visually pleasing style, one of the main benefits of slat fencing is its practical nature. Quality materials make it easy to install and maintain, while providing vital privacy and protection. 

If you are looking to incorporate new long-lasting fencing onto your property – either for a new build or to replace worn fences – read on to discover why high-quality aluminium slat fencing might be the reliable answer you’ve been searching for

What is slat fencing?

Slat fencing is a style involving multiple slats or panels of a metal material, with each slat slightly angled and almost overlapping for complete privacy and protection.

Commonly created from sturdy aluminium, as well as high-maintenance wooden alternatives, this is a clean design that’s easy to repair once strong aluminium slats are used at the appropriate thickness, whether for a horizontal or vertical slat design.

Unlike many expensive wrought iron or steel fencing options, practical aluminium slat fencing offers rust-resistance with stunning aesthetic appeal, cementing its place as a reliable-yet-stylish fencing choice that provides serious longevity.

What are the common styles of slat fencing?

Slat fencing is impressive in its flexibility, with options available for vertical, horizontal, or combination slats, as well as vertical 3D designs and privacy screen alternatives available. Choose from a range of colours and finishes to suit your personal style, and existing house aesthetic.

Each style of aluminium slat fencing in Perth is presented in a custom design, accompanied by a unique installation suitable for your specific property. Regardless of which style of slat fencing you choose for your home and garden, Firm Fencing uses premium materials completed with Colorbond treatment to ensure no warping or rotting occurs from the harsh weather and intense heat in WA.

What are the main benefits of aluminium slat fencing?

When you combine the durable, rust-resistant properties of quality aluminium with the smart, robust design of slat fencing, it’s easy to see why it has become a leading choice for many Perth homeowners, regardless of whether they live in the city centre or a rural suburb.

The core benefits of slat fencing centre on the guaranteed security they provide, combined with the long-lasting results, but there are many other advantages of choosing a strong slat design to protect the exterior of your home. 

Practical and efficient

One of the most practical choices for fencing material is aluminium, thanks to its durable properties and affordability. While wood can rot, and iron is difficult to repair, slat fencing made from aluminium is both rot-resistant and easy to maintain, thanks to the availability of materials and cost-effective pricing.

Reliable materials

Aluminium slat fencing is a robust design, with premium metal materials offering a sturdy structure that offers security and privacy for years to come. Unlike steel or wrought iron, aluminium is resistant to rust and guaranteed to last for years. 

Highly functional and reliable 

When it comes to quality fencing, it absolutely needs to provide both complete security and privacy for your home and its residents. Aluminium is a low-fuss material, offering guaranteed strength in a functional, lightweight design. As it’s easy to repair, protection can be restored quickly and with highly-reliable results. 

Want to install slat fencing? Don’t DIY, talk to the experts

Firm Fencing are market leaders in the reliable supply, installation, and maintenance of top-quality aluminium slat fencing and gates in Perth, providing premium service at highly competitive rates. Impressive turnaround times and two-year artistry guarantee with futureproofing show how Firm Fencing are a cut above the competition.

Working with experts in slat fencing in Perth is a smart investment in the safety, security, and visual appeal of your home exterior. Knowledgeable tradespeople are on hand to deliver top-notch, long-lasting results, with none of the risks accompanying DIY installations that can waste both time and money.

Contact us today to discuss your new aluminium slat fencing needs, or to inquire into our custom repair or maintenance services.