Do you have an asbestos fence that may need to be removed? In this article, we run through all the relevant resources and information you need to make these important decisions about your asbestos fence removal.

Things to consider before the removal of asbestos fencing

When removing asbestos fencing, it is important to note the different factors that cause damage to your fence. These will give you an insight into whether remediation or removal of your asbestos fence should be considered.

Age of the fence/weathering

Over the many years asbestos fencing has been around, there are continuous environmental factors that will have caused and continue to cause damage to your fence. The build up of external factors including weathering from rain, sun, wind and hail all add up over time and cause a lifetime of damage to your fencing. Because of these circumstances, asbestos fencing is prone to breaking off and releasing microparticles, posing a risk to humans if inhaled. It is essential to invest in asbestos fence removal service Perth services if necessary, as these weathering effects are only going to cause further damage over time.

Physical damage

Physical damage to fencing is one of the more common ways asbestos can be released into the atmosphere. Physical damage can include any sort of collision with the fencing, vandalism, uneven soil pressure, fire damage, plant damage, and much more. If your asbestos fencing has been damaged in any way, it is likely that this highly toxic material has already started being released in the environment. If your fence is showing any of these signs, it is crucial you have your asbestos fence removed immediately.

What are my options if my asbestos fence is damaged?

There are a couple of options you have when it comes to asbestos fence removal. Remediation measures are available to repair your fencing, however, it is important to research your options and also consider removing the fence altogether.

Repair/remediation of asbestos fence

When it comes to the remediation of your asbestos removal, there are different measures you can take depending on your fence’s overall condition. Here is a rough guide on how to deal with asbestos fencing:

Good/fair: This is where your fence shows little signs of deterioration or damage. Damages could include minor scratches or small breakages. At this stage, it is essential that you monitor your fence to ensure no further damage. Actions that can be taken to improve the maintenance of your fence include painting the fence or patching up damaged areas.

Average: There are visible signs of weathering, your fence is showing clear exposure of asbestos fibres, and there are larger and more obvious cracks and holes. At this stage, damaged panels should be replaced and the proper disposal of fence fragments need to be considered.

Very poor: You will notice extreme signs of weathering and deterioration to your fence at this stage. There may be numerous broken panels, holes and potential fire damage. If your fence has a very poor rating, it is likely the local government would insist on a complete asbestos fence removal.

Removal and replacement of asbestos fence

Removal and disposal is always the preferred option when it comes to asbestos fencing. Due to the toxicity of the mineral, your fence will continue to become a hazard to the community and will have to be removed regardless. It is important to get in touch with a licensed professional asbestos removalist to ensure your fence is removed in the safest way, avoiding any contact with the community.

Is DIY asbestos fence removal safe?

It is not recommended you remove your asbestos fence yourself as it is a toxic substance that can quickly become dangerous when released into the environment. We don’t want you to put yourself or your family at risk. Instead, we suggest you employ a licensed asbestos removalist to do the job as they have the skills and equipment necessary to complete the job safely.

When to call a professional asbestos fence removalist

If you are starting to notice a deterioration of your asbestos fence, or any form of damage including scratches, breakages, holes or broken panels, it is time to request an asbestos inspection and potentially have your fence removed immediately. In more severe cases, it is better to have it removed sooner rather than later to prevent the toxic particles from being released in the environment and endangering your health and people in your community.

For the removal of asbestos fencing in Perth, the professionals at Firm Fencing Perth are here to help as they understand the intricacies of asbestos fence replacement and know that it is an urgent matter. Get in touch today.