The right fencing should not only provide security and privacy for your home, but enhance its visual appeal. Investing in attractive fencing made from durable materials is important for both private and commercial property owners alike, making Colorbond Fencing the ideal choice for long-lasting, low maintenance results. 

With a sleek contemporary aesthetic it can be easy to forget the extensive history of Colorbond Fencing installation, especially with the continued growth in popularity of this modern fencing solution.

Read on to learn all about Colorbond Fencing in Perth, from its impressive durability to the wide range of available colour options. 

How Colorbond Fence is so effective

Have you been sitting on the fence about which type of external barrier is best for your home or business? Well, once you learn about the extensive attributes of Colorbond Fencing your decision will become apparent! 

The addition of bonded paint to the galvanised base of corrugated iron results in the perfect material for our tough Australian environment, first created as Colorbond Steel in 1966. The enduring design and polished finish has led to over half of today’s Australian homes being built using durable Colorbond materials. 

A wide range of colours has added to the practical appeal of Colorbond Fencing installation, where a clean design is capable of withstanding forceful impacts while eliminating gaps or footholds.

The most popular colour options

Colorbond’s unique colour palette was created to compliment the Australian landscape with an extensive range of 14 swatches supplying attractive colours for a wide range of tastes, whether you prefer a muted tone that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment, or a bold colour that lends a stylish edge. Gather inspiration from the following popular colour options:

Domain – The inviting warm tones of Domain make it a vastly popular option for Australian homeowners, where the neutral colour offers subtle contrast to a richer environment.

Woodland Grey – A cool grey, charcoal tone inspired by the greens of eucalyptus and mossy boulders found in mountainous regions; ideal as a contemporary alternative to black.

Ironstone – The darker grey-purple tones are inspired by stormy skies and coastal regions, ideal for softening suburban homes or adding emphasis to regional properties. 

Pale Eucalypt – Choose an iconic Australian green eucalyptus colour for your fencing, enhancing a beautiful garden while providing a muted hue to bring a flattering calm to any property. 

Average cost of a Colorbond Fence 

When choosing Colorbond Fencing contractors be sure to opt for a knowledgeable team with extensive experience working with Colorbond Steel. With typical prices of $65 to $100 per metre, professional installations will accrue additional costs as well as cement, fixings, and post caps. 

Why so many homeowners are choosing Colorbond Fencing in Perth

With safe poolside protection and privacy for private residences and commercial builds, it’s worth selecting reliable service providers in WA like FenceWest to guarantee impeccable, low-maintenance results with your Colorbond Fence

Key advantages of unbeatable longevity and immense security make Colorbond Fence installation the clear choice for informed Perth home property owners. Curb appeal – and property value – is boosted through a modern, corrosive-resistant design made from environmentally-friendly recycled materials. 

Experienced Colorbond Fencing contractors at Firm Fencing

Professionals at the supply, installation, and repair of Colorbond Fencing in Perth are ready to help at Firm Fencing, from choosing colours to designing the ideal custom fit for your property. 

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